Hi Romy, more of the same here, swamped with finals in May, I am slow and have to study alot, kitties are fine, thanks for update, Cheryl


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Subject: Congratulations Mojmir Babacek, published!


See www.newdawnmagazine.com  March April 2005  page 51-56, "Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons:  The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain" by Mojmir Babacek.

Mojmir's article is a  milestone in mind control publishing.  It's great to see an international perspective in this article, which is factually presented without the usual discrediting comments. Mojmir's opinions on the outcome of mind control technologies are what a lot of people believe but don't think though or say.

I only have a hard copy sent by an anonymous networker.  Mojmir founded  the International Movement for the Ban of the Manipulation of the Human Nervous System by Technical Means.  Mojmir's website is at www.geocities.com/Cape Canaveral/Campus/2289/webage.htm and email mbabacek@iol.cz

I have known Mojmir for many years and he has consistently worked on this issue, helping in translations for Cahra on the russian translation projects,  to speaking at campuses in Checkoslovakia and more. He really comes up with new ideas and follows through, which is extremely tough to do.

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Dear Sheryl,

I just received forward of Symptoms List.

All very correct, this is to say from Personal Experience.

Have you looked into Sacred Bio Geometry?

Some of their devices do help and may in fact in future win out over Non Lethal Weapons (what a farce...) et al.

Have attended Seminar, but to be an expert like with everything else total dedication is requested.

Have too  may other things to do presently.

On Coast to Coast Show Thursday 31, 11PM SPT.  Topic is: On Terrorism.  Ambulances apparently being used as possible terrorist vehicles.

Police, Fire Dept. Ambulance Companies have them.


Hope you enjoyed a peaceful Easter Sheryl with your furry friends.

Blessings, Romy