Relevante Auszge aus dem Maghreb Confidential  
zum Libero-Artikel
"Wie Sarkozy den libyschen Aufstand steuerte"
(Zusammenstellung: Joachim Guilliard)

N 944 - 21.10.2010:
Nouri Mesmari currently in Paris after stopping off in Tunisia

Muammer Kadhafi’s chief of protocol, Nouri Mesmari, is currently in Paris after stopping off in Tunisia.
Normally, Mesmari sticks closely to his boss’s side so there’s some talk that he may have broken his long-standing tie with the Libyan leader.

N 948 - 18.11.2010
Concorde Lafayette Hotel, Paris - Looking for Nouri Mesmari

"The comings and goings of Nouri Mesmari have been stirring a lot of curiosity in recent weeks.
[...]Officially, Mesmari, who suffers from a chronic illness, came to Paris for an operation. His wife and daughter indeed visited him, staying for a while at the Concorde Lafayette hotel in Paris. [...] Mesmari, who reportedly wants to go into retirement, is one of Kadhafi’s closest confidents and knows pretty well all of his secrets.

During his absence, he has been replaced by Fawzi Omar Swei. [...]

N 948 - 18.11.2010
French Wheat Men to Make Their Pitch

French wheat growers and Libyan officials who buy cereals have been playing cat and mouse in recent weeks.  For the past two months, a Libyan delegation led by the Price Stability Fund and including the state-owned mills National Flour Mill Co Benghazi and the Tripoli-based National Company for Flour Mills & Fodder have been expected in Paris.

The Libyans wanted to travel to France in late October but the French agriculture minister suggested they put back the visit because of strikes in France. At the moment, the French are waiting for the end of the Aid el Kebir festivities.
[...] France Export Cereales and FranceAgrimer along with the operators and traders Soufflet, Louis Dreyfus, Glencore, CAM Cereales, Cargill and Conagra are lining up in battle order for Libyan contracts. [...]

N 950 - 2.12.2010
Mesmari Affair Could Unseat Kussa

Libyan leader Muammer Kadhafi ’s protocol chief, Nuri Mesmari, was arrested in France on Nov. 28 under an arrest warrant issued by Tripoli. [...] Tripoli accuses him of a number of criminal offences and talks are underway on extraditing him to Tripoli. The affair, however, is quite sensitive. Mesmari, who was thought intent on retiring, knows pretty well all of the regime’s secrets. As a result, he will attempt to swap his “silence” for the opening of a “serious” investigation into the murder of his eldest son, Mahfoud, in 2007.

His defection has infuriated Kadhafi and undercuts the position of foreign minister Mussa Kussa, who is now in the cross-hairs of Abdallah Senoussi, the Libyan leader’s brother in law and the man in charge of his security.

N 951 - 9.12.2010
Nuri Mesmari still being held in France

Nuri Mesmari, the Libyan leader's chief of protocol, is still being held in France despite pressure by Tripoli to have him extradited. Fearing for his life, Mesmari has asked for political asylum.
Officially, Libya claims he embezzled money.

Formerly close to Muammer Kadhafi, he has been described as a “Libyan Wikileak” because of everything he knows about the regime. Anticipating that others might defect, Tripoli is confiscating the passports of several officials, including foreign minister Mussa Kussa, who is also being investigated for fraud.

N 952 - 16.12.2010
The Nuri Mesmari saga continues.

[...] Muammer Kadhafi’s former chief of protocol, who had been in custody in France since Nov. 29 at the behest of Tripoli for alleged “fraud,” has been released. According to our sources, Abdallah Mansour, former head of the Libya’s Radio and Television Office, is in Paris to look into the situation. Close to Kadhafi, Mansour is involved in pretty well all of the Kadhafi clan’s security matters. [...]

N 953 - 23.12.2010
Nuri Mesmari resumed his normal functions
[...] Nuri Mesmari, who is currently residing at the Concorde Lafayette hotel in Paris, met with a number of his Libyan friends in a posh restaurant on the Champs Elysee.

According to our sources, he is preparing for his return to Tripoli after making contact with Libyan officials. Has everyone forgotten his application for political asylum and an arrest warrant issued against him for embezzlement? [...]

N 957 - 01/27/2011
Aoudh Saaiti - Air force colonel Abdallah Gehani and several other officers arrested

General Aoudh Saaiti, head of military intelligence in eastern Libya (Benghazi), a historically rebellious region, has been ordered to crack down on any demonstration of sympathy for the Tunisian revolution. 
The central government reproaches some officers of spending too much time on social networks on the Internet which tend to fan protests. Several officers have been arrested, including air force colonel Abdallah Gehani. He was taken into custody in Benghazi on Jan. 22 and later transferred to Tripoli.